Lady 777

Mar 10

questions for math 98

I study for my tests by not cramming. If I study a good thirty minutes, then go back to it I can learn more effectively.

I feel so far with Ms. Miller’s help in math I have acually learned alot of math that was difficult to me before. I am more confedent now, in fact alot more than when i first started the class. I first started in math 99 last semester and that realy messed me up. I wasnt thinking that I hadnt been to school for thirty years with-out a g.e.d. I didnt realize how dependent on a caculator I was until I got in math 98. but its becoming less stressful.

Jan 25

LADY 777

very anxious, I have exteme anxiety

im worried and excited

I love school

Im worried about not getting straight A,s

Im most excited about choir

My goals for the semester is to just get through it, Im taking on alot

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